zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Puma Trinomic R698I

 You know that feeling you get after a really hard test at school? The feeling you want to treat yourself with food and new shoes? Yeah... Normally, to keep yourself out of debts, you should ignore that feeling and just go to bed. Well, I did the complete opposite. I'd worked so hard for school the past weeks, I decided to treat myself with some brand new kicks. Et voila! My new Puma Trinomic's.

At my school, all the people have grown at least two centimeters because of the new geltrend. (Is that even English?) Nike airmax, Asics gel lyte 3, Adidas ZX flux. All shoes with high soles and every one is wearing them. At first, I disgusted this hype. But now, I fell in love. After searching trough the internet all week, (read: looking like a zombie in a onesie surrounded by candywraps and a cat) I really started to appreciate this type of footwear. But how to be original if everybody has these shoes? Exactly! Be the one with the highest soles.

What I love about these shoes is that they have a sort of snakeskin combined with a metallic purple. On top of that there a some turquoise details. Shout out to the genius who designed these beauty's. They are bold. They are though and above all they are super comfi! Got to love these bad bitches.

So I have to take back my bad words about Nike airmax, because I now own shoes with even higher gel soles. My apologies for the bad quality of the pictures. Jasper wasn't around with his high tech camera. Sorry, not sorry!

Lots of Love,

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