woensdag 10 december 2014

AMFI - AMsterdam Fashion Institute

As some of you may know, I am in my final year. My exams start in may and after that I am out of here. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to go to Amsterdam. Living in the big city is a whole other level than where I live now, which is the middle of nowhere. On the 8th of November I've visited my (hopefully) new school. Since that day I became a fangirl. I don't know if you can fangirl a school. If not, i'm the one who started this fandome. All credits for Sooph.

At this very moment i am busy with the application for my study. (actually, i should be. I'm just staring at my laptop) Fashion and Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The school is a section of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. It is equal to all other HBO studies. When I'm done with this study, i can call myself a bachelor in fashion and textile technologies. That sound pretty fancy and let me tell you guys: it is!

The core of this study is that you develop an identity into the market. Of course you need a designer to create a collection. You need a manager to create a business plan. But you will always need  brander to give the whole thing an identity. I think it is a part of the fashion industry that, sadly, has been underrated. I hope to see that change someday. Maybe i'll be the brander who makes this profession really popular. Ha! Dreams.... I'm going way to fast. First i need to get through my final year. Then i need to become a student at AMFI and then, after four years, i can call myself a brander.

Let's cross our fingers for the next six months.

Lots of Love,

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