zondag 9 november 2014

Urban Decay Naked Vault

I can't be the only one who almost peed herself while reading about the new Urban Decay product. Just sitting on the couch. Barely breathing. Staring at my phone. Is this some kind of crazy joke? Is this the real life? *Queen song starts playing*  Some person on this planet decided to create the most incredible thing ever. It's the big momma of make-up. It's unbelievable. It's majestic. It's... It's.... The Urban Decay Naked Vault! PAM.... PAM..... PAM................

For the people on this planet who haven't heard of Urban Decay. Their make-up is like heaven. Extremely pigmented, high quality and loved by all make-up addicts. A few years ago, Urban Decay decided to create a make-up pallet which only includes nude colors. The best idea ever. The called it the Urban Decay Naked pallet. It includes all naked colors that you can think of with shimmer. In the next Naked pallet, number 2, they introduced some matte colors, which are the perfect base for your eye shadow collection. At the start of this year they decided to come up with the Naked 3 pallet, which is all about pinkish colors. Not my favorite, but still a gorgeous motherfucker.

With these three pallets, the Naked collection wasn't complete yet. There also are Naked lip glosses, facial pallets, nail polishes, foundations, high-lighters etcetera and, ofcourse, the Naked basics. A lot of Naked.

Anyway, some genius human on planet earth decided to put the most amazing products of the Naked collection all in one box, They called it the Naked Vault. It includes all three Naked eye shadowpallets, three Naked flushed pallets, three Naked lip glosses and three dual-ended 24/7 eyepencils. I'll give you guys a minute to process all of this gorgeousness... Maybe I should give you a whole week. Atleast, that's the time it took me to breathe normally again.  However, behold!

I'll be praying for the rest of this year that santa will be good to me. I couldn't keep this gorgeous quiet. I needed to show you. I hope you still breathe like a normal person. I won't be responsible for any health issues after reading this.

The Urban Decay Naked Vault is sold on for 280 USD. (About 225 euros) 

Lots of Love,

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